Hometown Dental Professionals.

Get a Second Opinion

doubting-woman“The recommendation I received sounded more like a sales pitch than a treatment plan”.

We hear that – a lot. If the complicated and expensive dental diagnoses you got elsewhere made you uncomfortable, come in and see us.

Our goal is what’s best for you, not our bottom line. We listen when you describe your situation, make a thorough examination, and give you our recommendation – in plain English. If you want to go to another dentist for your care, that’s fine. We’re happy to help you feel more at ease.

Refreshingly different? Well, not really – at Marion Dental Associates, this is the way we have practiced dentistry for over five decades. We are a small town dental practice, not a national chain.

But we don’t operate in a small town vacuum. Dentistry requires constant education, and we relish this. Keeping abreast of the latest changes and technology in our profession is a big part of the reason we have invested in technological advances you would otherwise have to travel to a big city to receive.




Listen to that little voice in your head. It’s usually right.

If you are the least bit uncomfortable with the diagnosis you get from another dental practice, we invite you to come in and get a second opinion.